Find put the harmony of the creation of nature!

The cave Strašna peć (Frightful furnace) is an intersting tourist, ecological and historical destination, situated near Savar on Dugi otok, next to the Nature park Telašcica and National park Kornati. The first speological research took place in the 1900., when the cave was opened for visitors and tourists. Due to it`s fascinating beauty, even the Austro-Hungarian emporer Franz Joseph visited it in 1904.

Strašna peć has a 10m wide and 7m tall monumental entrance, where among joined stalactites and stalagmites nature created the space like the gothic cathedral arches. The thrilling picturesque first hall will suprise you, and the whole cave has the romantic touch.

Peacefulness and concordance of the island`s scenery in the symbiosis with blue Adriatic sea and attractive thrilling beauty of Strašna peć will give yuo an unbeliveable experience for ever to remember.

Find out the harmony of the creation of nature...visit the cave Strašna peć near Savar on Dugi otok!